Fruit For Breakfast (A Fleeting Summer Habit)

Hi guys!  Over the course of each day, I eat a lot of fruit because it's easy and quick (since I'm too busy to cook oatmeal every morning *cries*).  I have to remember that fruit is different from oatmeal- a 1/2 cup of oatmeal with a bit of peanut butta will fill me up for hours, but half of a banana won't.  I bump up the volume and calories so that I'll have plenty of energy and be able to focus in my classes (and I do have plenty of energy thanks to the SUGAR AND CARBZ <3).

I usually do about two bananas, some grapes, and some frozen berries.  The berries melt and create a tangy sauce for the bananas and it is soooo good!  I also have 3-5 dates, which are super dense and full of sugar.  I love them.

Wanna date?

I pair this with a cup of coffee or tea.  I like coffee now (darn you free samples at Trader Joe's!), especially watered down plus some vanilla soy milk.  Some days, when I make my lunch smoothie (which I do everyday for sheer lack of creativity), I have a bit leftover and I'll drink that with breakfast.  

Other days, I have a big cup of orange juice with it.  It depends on how hungry I am in the morning.  I try to eat enough since my crazed stomach growling roaring in class is not my favorite :)

While I eat breakfast, I usually read a book.  If there's a really unfortunate set of circumstances that requires it, I occasionally study/ cram.  Either way, I like to get downstairs first to have a peaceful meal before the chaos of the rest of the day.

What's your favorite time of day?



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