Thirteen Point What?!?!

Hi guys! I hope you are having a good day.

Today, Adria asked me something that I wouldn't have even considered a week ago.

Ever since starting to run with Adria, I've discovered the beauty of running and how much I love it.  Just the other day, I did not think I could run four miles, then we ran 6.  Two days later, we ran 6 miles again (so I knew  it wasn't just some freak miracle) and it had gotten easier!  The next time we run, I'm going to ask Adria (if she doesn't know already- Hi Adria!) if we can run 7 miles.  My legs feel stronger and I know I could do it.  After a couple more 7-milers, I planned to ask if we could go another half of a mile or mile farther.  While I thought about this (you could say "fantasized"), I had no real plans for this slow build up of endurance.

Post 6 miles.
Adria and I talked about doing some races on our last run.  We talked about doing 5 or 10K's.  She couldn't really think of any nice ones, so she looked it up when we got home.  Today, on our way into the gym, Adria told my brother and me that she had checked out races and that none of them really appealed to her except for a half marathon on Thanksgiving that she signed up for.  Then she asked us if we wanted to sign up for it too.

Oh, um...

I had thought of doing a half marathon before.  Not in November, but in the distant future, the one where there are pigs in the air and I had won the lottery/ become the President of the United States ;)

This is what my face looked like when Adria suggested the race ^
I can't draw well, so...
I immediately brought up my doubts.  Since March, I have increased my mileage by 4 miles.  That means 4 miles in 5 months.  November is 3 months away, so at first I thought that it would be next to impossible to increase my mileage by that much in such a short time.  Yet again, Adria comforted me.  She told me that she thinks that I can do it.

Then I can do it.

But not without proper training.  For the next 12 weeks, I'm going to try and increase my mileage by 1/2 of a mile every weekend until the weekend before the race.  That way, I'll slowly build the endurance I will need to run the race without pushing myself too hard.  I know that I can do this (or at least that Adria told me I can do this, but they're pretty much the same thing).

I know I will just disheartened at some points, but I will revisit this page to remind me of what I love about running.  Motivation from my past self (dun dun DUNNNNNNN).

Reasons To Love Running:

1.  To get connected with the Earth and nature:

His name is Kramer, and he is paranoid.
Too paranoid to be petted by a perfectly friendly runner.

(Basil Plant)
2.  To see things I would have missed:

3.  To be like Adria :)

She's the one in the tutu and tiny sombrero. 
4.  To look goooood:

Don't worry, I have boy repellent (it comes free after every run).
5.  To have another reason to eat super portable and tasty Larabars:

6.  To have that Post Run Glow:

Now go run.

Then you can eat:

And make like a dog:

I am going to train for and run a half marathon.  I am going to fuel myself throughout this training with vegan, plant based foods (and green tea).  Whenever my mind doubts what my body is capable of, I am going to return to this page and use it as motivation.  I am going to run this half marathon, 13.1 miles at age 13.

I am your father O.O

Not really, but wouldn't that be a new adventure?


Thanks for reading!  I hope you guys have a nice night (or day or afternoon, wherever you are whenever you read this).   Have you ever run a half marathon?  Do you have any tips for me?  Thanks!


  1. Adair - you'll do great. There are lots of website that can give you a specific workout plan. You have plenty of time -- says the one that didn't finish traning herself! If you've ever run half the distance of your intended race, you can finish. Your training will enhance your results! And just think how proud of yourself you'll feel sitting down to Thanksgiving Dinner knowing you've already done more than most. I ran a 5K the Thanksgiving morning that Jammie and I announced we were having the first grandchild in a few months! Beth

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    1. OH MY GOD, YOU GET TO WEAR YOUR VERY OWN TOO-TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beth, we are on the outfit wearing committee. Adair, you are in good hands. Adria, you are a great trainer. I am SO going to skip Tday with my family to come to this event!!!!!....or try and get them all to come to cheer you on, because that's what I'M good at! Ashli is NOT in charge of making signs.

      Love, Aunt MegMeg

    2. I just realized what my googleblogger account was...I need to change the name.

    3. Haha, thanks Auntie. It REALLY comforts me that you're going to pick out my race outfit and be yelling at me for 13.1 miles :D

  3. I knew a half marathon was in your future! So proud of you!

  4. I knew a half marathon was in your future! So proud of you!


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