Top Ten Veg-Friendly Restaurants in Atlanta

Hi guys!  The other day in Vedge Club, we discussed vegetarian/ veg-friendly restaurants in Atlanta, so I decided to make a post of my top ten!  Please comment if you think I've missed some!

1.  Cafe Sunflower.  This restaurant is located pretty far away from us and you usually need a reservation, so we pretty much only go to Sunflower Cafe on my birthday, but... it's absolutely delicious.  They have tons of vegan dishes- so many that it's hard to choose one!  The service there is great and you won't regret taking up their offer to try the vegan desserts.  Plan your next important event around Cafe Sunflower, then invite me.

2.  Lawrence's Cafe.  I love this place so much.  I'm a HUGE fan of Mediterranean food, and this restaurant has really nailed my favorites.  The food is lemony and tangy, and you can tell it's fresh.  I'd highly suggest the falafel (crunchy, savory, delicious fried bites), hummus (creamy, lemony, adds great flavor to any dish), pita (comes with your meal for free- soft, sweet, chewy, pretty much carb heaven), and the Fatouche salad (crunchy, well dressed, seasoned with pita chips and fantastical spices).  Please try their food!

3.  Radial Cafe.  I love this place because they offer foods for all different diets- vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, and gluten free.  They also make sure their food is locally and ethically grown.  It's a great place to go with friends for brunch or dinner- and it's near a pie factory, so it always smells great.  It does have complicated hours, so be sure to check that it's before you head over there.  I've been burned before.

4.  LottaFruitta.  LottaFruitta is one of the cutest, most unique restaurants you'll ever visit.  The walls are painted as various fruits, and the combination of freshly pressed paninis and sweet fruit cups makes it delightful.  Just today, my friend Alli and I visited and enjoyed their vegan coconut whipped cream.  Awww yeahhhh.


5.  Dulce Vegan.  Though it has been a while since I've been there, Dulce Vegan is a great little cafe where you can get a lovely meal.  My favorite thing to get is the biscuit with literally anything on, in, or with it- "egg" and "cheese", soup, or just plain jam.  I really love biscuits and they're a real treat when I find a good vegan version.

6.  Green Sprout.  This is a completely vegetarian restaurant that sells fake fish, beef, chicken, shrimp- just about any meat you'd like!  A completely vegetarian restaurant is rare, so please check this out.

7.  R Thomas Cafe.  Okay, I'll admit it- the lighting in there is kind of trippy, the parking is a bit complicated, and it always seems to sound like rain.  But the food is really good, and going in there feels like you're part of an exclusive experience.  They serve all preferences in interesting ways and have a couple of weird fun menu items like the Ocean Garden Salad and the California Omelette.  Street hippies give it 5 peace signs.

8.  Arden's Garden.  Build your own smoothie, vegan beef jerky, Earl Grey chapstick- what's not to love?  (Click the link to read more about what I think about it.)

9.  Raging Burrito.  This is my favorite place to get Mexican food.  They have a repertoire of worldly burrito fillings and great appetizers, but my favorite things to get is the Thai Salad.  This is also the place I found out that my sister was engaged and that I was going to have a little sister, so I might be a little biased.

10.  Green Ginger.  Just like me!  However, unlike me, this place offers delicious sushi rolls (yum.. cucumber avocado), great starters, and build your own enough-soup-to-feed-a-village-in-africa-bowls.  It's a nice place to go for dinner when you're craving sushi or thai food.  And their tofu lettuce wraps are the best thing ever.

What's your favorite veg-friendly restaurant?

Have a great weekend!  It's my fall break, so I'll be at the beach!


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