Krog Street Market

Hi guys!  I know it's been a minute since I posted, but that's okay.  Today I wanted to talk to you about a new place that opened up in my neighborhood, the Krog Street Market.  It's an adorable collection of shops where people can buy handmade soaps, freshly prepared chocolate, locally crafted beer, flowers, and munchies.  There are many different places to buy food- one might call it a foodie court.  The market has that rustic, new age kind of vibe that is very popular in Atlanta right now, and my family and I all fell in love with the place a little bit after strolling over there today.

[Photo creds: Dad]
Look how chicly rustic it is!  Very impressive, Krog-Street-Market architect.

Walking through, I saw a variety of shops and restaurants that sold a spread of cuisines like Middle Eastern, American, BBQ, and Japanese.  For dessert, you could stop by Jeni's for some ice cream (if you're into that sort of thing ;).  One of my favorite places was a little cafe that had tons of pastries and drinks:

Why would I love this place so much?  Because coffee!

What a photogenic beverage.

Adria and I got lunch at a place called Yalla, which is a "Middle Eastern eatery" according to the KSM website.  You pretty much build a bowl or pita with your favorite protein (like falafel) and veggies (like marinated mushrooms).  You can add anything they have behind the counter.  It's heaven:

 I love hummus more than anything, so I'm super excited to live near this restaurant.

Do you see the size of that hummus bowl?  It makes me feel like they really understand me.


As I mentioned, there is a butchery.  They have a window into their kitchen that shows a hanging rack of cow ribs.  Seeing them freely share the process they undergo to make their meat ready for sale made me respect the shop- though it's pretty graphic, a hanging animal carcass is an honest image.  Personally, I don't eat what I wouldn't kill.  If you can walk by that and still eat what they're selling, then you're probably doing right by yourself, as long as you know where and what has brought your food to your plate and are happy with it.

Have you ever been to Krog Street Market?  What'd ya think?

Have a wonderful week!


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