Just Keep Going Workout + Thank You!

Hi guys!  Really quick, I'd like to take a moment and thank you guys for being so supportive of this blog: I've reached 10,000 pageviews!  That's mind blowing- I never thought that people would have such a positive reaction to this blog and I appreciate that you guys read my ramblings and recipes and come back for more.  Thank you thank you thank you!

Today I was flipping through some of my photos and I noticed the difference between the original photo and the image you see.  Here's a picture of Chocolate PB Banana Oatmeal before any editing:

Then I edit it using the app Aviary on my iPhone:

Sometimes I go an extra step after that, filtering the photo through Instagram and it ends up looking like this:

Anyway, I thought you might like to get a 'Behind The Scenes' preview of the food I post.  I don't have a fancy camera or a lightbox, but I do have technology and free apps (I don't mind ads :)

It's been a while since I've posted a workout!  This is one that takes a while, but it passes by quickly because you're always doing something different.  All of these moves are really intense and get your heart pumping, so feel free to take as many breaks as you need!

Just Keep Going Workout:
Time Challenge.  Do Superset 1  as many times as you can (I did it four times), then do Superset 3 three times with Superset 2 in between and your done!  It's confusing, I know...
This is how the Workout rolls.  The commas are 30-120 second breaks: Superset 1, Superset 1, Superset 1, Superset 1, Superset 3, Superset 2, Superset 3, Superset 2, and end with Superset 3.

~Superset #1:
-1 Burpee
-10 High Knees
  • My Times:
  • Time 1- 1:37
  • Time 2- 1:49
  • Time 3- 1:27
  • Time 4- 1:37
~Superset #2:
-10 Tuck Jumps
-10 Mountain Climbers
  • My Times:
  • Time 1- 3:21
  • Time 2- 3:00
~Superset #3:
-2 minute plank
-20 backward lunges with kicks (left leg)
-1 minute plank
-20 backward lunges with kicks (right leg)
-1 minute plank
-20 alternating squats with legs raises
  • My Times:
  • Time 1- 7:26
  • Time 2- 7:08
  • Time 3- 7:30
Then I was gone!  It took me a while (40-55 minutes) and I burned 705 calories!  Here's what the page in my WO Journal looked like:

One last thing!  Avocado art:

The Dark Side of the Avocado
Half-Face Fruit
What Lies Within

What would you name this art?  What're your times for the workout?

Have a great day!  I'm so happy because it's the FIRST DAY OF MY SUMMER VACATION!!!!!  Summer plan: swim, read, bake, and run!


  1. "No, that's not how you squat; that's how you twerk"
    Adair, you are hilarious :)


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