Get Warm Workout

Hi guys! I realize that I've been posting more and more workouts lately, but it's just so fun! Don't worry, I have plenty of recipes coming up, but for now I'm focusing more on exercising because the holidays are an important time to burn calories (with all of the extra calories coming from vegan chocolate Oreo cupcakes). It's also a good way to get warm!

Get Warm Workout:
On the treadmill, I did an interval workout:
Warm up- 3 minutes @ 3 mph

Workout- 3-4 minutes @ 5.6-6.4 (which is the speed where I am working hard, but can keep it up for a couple of minutes)
1 minute @ 4 mph
Repeat 4-5 times

Cool Down- 2 minutes @ 3 mph

This took me about 30 minutes (with warm up and cool down). I covered 2.5 miles.

After I finished the workout, I did a really intense ab workout. It took me between 10 and 12 minutes to complete:

10 sit ups
20 scissors
30 bicycles
20 extended leg crunches
10 jack knife sit ups
20 oblique crunches on each side
30 Russian twists
20 leg extensions
10 sit ups
20 scissors
30 sec plank

Then I did 5 minutes of stretching!

When I came home, I showered, and made this tasty drink:

It's a cup of jasmine green tea with vanilla soy milk. It's so good and refreshing.  It held me over until a nice lunch at R Thomas.  I got the Thai Express Bowl:

Then I went to the dentist, and she wasn't too happy to find that I had just eaten flax seed crackers :)

What do you think of this workout?  How long did it take you?  What was your fastest?

Have a nice Thursday!  We're going to see the Nutcracker!


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