Building Strength: Back & Biceps

Hi guys!  I've finally found a really tough workout for back and biceps- now I only have to find the perfect workout for chest and triceps!  These workouts are challenging physically and mentally, and I rely on my music for motivation.  I also take cardio breaks by doing jumping jacks, high knees, jump lunges, etc. between sets.

Keep this in mind: exhale during the harder part of the exercise.

Building Strength: Back & Biceps:
Gym Workout- Lat machine, Row Machine, Barbell, Dumbbells, Mat
Any time rest is needed, try doing light cardio to keep your heart rate up while giving your muscles a break.  The weights I used are just suggestions- feel free to adjust to your fitness level.  I finished with about 5 minutes of ab exercises.
  • 5-10 minute warmup.  You can do any type of cardio you like, but I've been doing intervals on the stair stepper: 
    • 1 minute @ level 8/ 30 seconds @ level 16  (repeat 3-5 times)  
  • 3 x Dropset Bicep Curls.  I started with 20 pound dumbbells in each hand and did 10 reps, alternating sides.  I put those weights down and picked up 15 pound dumbbells, then did 16 reps, alternating sides.  Immediately, I picked up 10 pounds and did 20 alternating curls.  Rest and repeat.
  • 3 x 5 reps @ 15 lbs/ 10 reps @ 10 lbs of Hammer Curls to Overhead Press.  Hold weights with hands facing toward each other, curl weights to your shoulders, then press them over your head until your arms are fully extended.  Bring weights back to your shoulders, then slowly lower them to starting position.  After five reps of these, I dropped weight and did ten reps with  lighter dumbbells.
  • 3 x 15 reps of Reverse Curls.  Holding a lighter bars with your palms facing toward you, bring the bar to your shoulders while keeping your elbows in.  Bring the bar back down to your hips, only moving your elbow joint.  *If this exercise hurts your back, drop weight and brace your knees.  Don't be afraid to squeeze your abdominal muscles to help you out (it can only make them stronger).
  • 4 x 15-20 reps of Wrist Curls.  Holding a dumbbell in each hand, maintain a slight bend at the elbow and curl weights toward your body (moving only your hand and wrists).  Here's a link to an in-depth explanation.
  • 3 x 15 reps @ 30 lbs/ 3 x 10 reps @ 40 lbs/ 4 x 5 reps @ 50 lbs of Bent Over Rows (see photo above on the left).
  • 3 x 5 reps of Behind the Head Lat Pulls (see photo above on the right).
  • Dropset of Row Machine: 5 reps @ 70 lbs/ 10 reps @ 65 lbs/ 15 reps @ 60 lbs/ 20 reps @ 55 lbs/ 25 reps @ 50 lbs.  
  • 4 x 25 reps of Back Pulses.  Holding a dumbbell in each hand, bring your arms to your sides at a 45 degree angle between your shoulders and waist.  Behind your back, bring elbows closer to each other while squeezing your shoulder blades together.  This is one "pulse".
  • Do circuit as many times as possible:
    • 1 minute plank
    • 10 reps alternating triple plank tucks
    • 20 reps reverse crunches
Then stretch and you're done!!!  The next day, you'll be super sore in your back and biceps- so it'll be the perfect time to work your Shoulders, Legs, and Calves!

I'm a little bit of a workout fanatic.

News:  Angela Liddon, otherwise known as OhSheGlows girl, is pregnant!  There must be something in the tofu...

How many babies are you expecting this season?  

Have a great week!  


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