Review: Lotta Frutta

Hi guys!  For almost a year now, all of my friends have been telling me that I need to go to Lotta Frutta.  I'd been there before- I used to go all of the time with my Dad and brother, but after Alex and I became vegans, we fell out of the habit.  They have amazing grilled sandwiches, fruit cups, smoothies, salads, ice pops, and lots of drinks.  If you get a sandwich, they give you a cup of little roasted thingamabobs that are quite tasty.

Be warned: when entering the restaurant, you might explode from excess of cuteness:

The Menu:

I got the Dolce Vitta with Coconut Whipped Cream instead of yogurt.  It was seriously amazing!!!!!  So sweet and balanced, with the perfect amount of crunch from granola.  I didn't think I liked whipped cream, but this vegan creamy delicacy changed that...

We have to go back, [Alex], we have to go back.

The grilled sandwiches are also delicious.  They let you add veggies and avocado if you want to.  I'd like to try the Just Veggin' without the cheese... It's been a long time since I've had a panini, and this local business is a great way to get that fix.  

I've seen two locations: one near Old Fourth Ward (590 Auburn Ave NE) and one in the airport.  The Old Fourth Ward location is super cute- the sides are painted to resemble fruit; there is shaded seating outside; you can read their story practically anywhere in the restaurant; it smells amazing.  They have  really fun drink choices too:

And plenty of interesting candy- Alex got some Blue Raspberry DumDums while we were there (#throwback).

They don't really need much promoting, to tell you the truth- they're usually pretty busy.  But they're quick and any wait is completely worth it.

Have you ever been to Lotta Frutta?  What did you get?

Have a great week!


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