10 Ways to Stay Hydrated

Hi guys!  I hope you're having a great week.  Since it's the middle of summer, I wanted to remind you guys of ways to stay hydrated.

Or is this post just an evil plan to make everyone else pee as much as I do?

Who knows?

I might be watching too many cartoons...  But I drink a lot of water while I watch them so they balance out [*Adair logic!* sung to the tune of "Grease Lightning"].
  1. Add slices of fruits or vegetables to your water for a bit of a change.  Some good ones are lemon, lime, strawberry, cucumber, orange, raspberry, or mango.  Or combine some of the flavors until you find your perfect mix.
  2. Stir mint and grapefruit in a pitcher, fill it with water and ice, then let it sit in the fridge over night.  It's also a pretty thing to set on the table when you have company over (if you want to go full out Martha Stewart on them).  
    Source: d'awwwww.
  3. Try making a cup of green tea, pouring it over ice, then adding an equal amount of Lime, Lemon, or Grapefruit seltzer water.
    Look at this cup! Remember it? AH still love it.
  4. Try making a cup of chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, or chai tea, then adding a splash of vanilla almond or soy milk to make it really creamy.
  5. Buy bigger or more awesome water bottles.  Investing in a water bottle encourages you to get your money's worth and drink up.  
  6. Have chugging contests with your siblings/ friends.
  7. Sip water while exercising.  Not too much so you won't swish swosh (a very terrible condition that strikes athletes from time to time).
  8. Make up water games- every time you hit a red light, drink some water; every time you finish a paragraph, drink some water; every time you have to pee, drink some water ;)  
  9. Eat more non starchy vegetables and more fruits (see- they're good for everything!)
  10. Sip with a straw.

     They make you drink water faster!  Plus, they make you look like a high class member of society.


 ...or maybe not.

What's your favorite way to drink water?

Have a terrific Tuesday!


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