Washington Trip

Hi guys! So sorry that it has been a while and I hope I can get back at posting posts as fast as possible, but it's been a busy summer!

I told you guys that I was going on a trip to Washington last week, and I told myself that I wouldn't take pictures because everyone has pictures everything in Washington already and why would mine be any different? Well I took a moat load of pictures anyhoo and now I must share!

In Washington, I saw more memorials than I have ever seen in my life or probably will see for the rest of my life. There are a lot of things to remember, and honestly I don't remember them all. At least I have pictures!  I organized them as well as I could, but it's not as perfect as I wish it could be.  Next up:  New York pictures!!!

Eric (LOVE HIM) standing beside FDR statue at the FDR memorial.
FDR in his later years

Men waiting in line for soup at FDR memorial.
Korean War Memorial
I think this was to remember the nurses that died during the war.
The Capitol
Air Force Memorial
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District of Columbia World War Memorial
The Capitol
The top of one of the world trade center buildings
The back of The White House
General Meade Memorial
The Lincoln Memorial

Um... I don't remember :S                 


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