A Day In The Life Of My Stomach

Hi guys!  I realized the other day that I had taken pictures of everything I'd eaten!  I thought you guys might like to see in case you were wondering, "What do vegans actually eat on a daily basis?"  (I'm sure you all were wondering that.)  This doesn't mean that this is the perfect or preferred kind of diet (as in way of eating) for everyone, but this was one day in the life of my stomach:

Five meals is my usual amount: Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack (or two), and dinner (occasionally I'll eat dessert or a dark chocolate square).  I usually don't go for more than 3 hours between meals so that my blood sugar won't drop.  Also I like eating, so I do it a lot :D

Breakfast was... OATMEAL!  Why fix something if it's not broken, right? *Cough cough, things my Dad says* It was actually just this oatmeal plus some cranberries.  It was so tasty and kept me full for about 3 hours through studying math notes (yes I spent three hours studying math notes x.x)

I was about to workout, so I had a lighter meal of a veggie burger (15 grams of protein!) and a salad of four different types of vegetables with some lemon juice. 

I waited about two hours for this to digest, reading and changing and such, then did two Zwows (and man I was tired!) and stretched.  I burned more than 500 calories and it took about 45 minutes.  I immediately had a protein shake:

This had Plant Fusion chocolate protein powder, PB2, spinach, banana, water, ice, raw cacao powder and cacao nibs.

I showered and did a little more homework until Alex came home and we split a snack:

I had an apple, a couple of chips with guac, and half of the bar.  Alex had the rest plus two pieces of toast with earth balance and a larabar.

I did drink eight glasses of water (not tea- water!) as well as about 5 glasses of green tea throughout the day.  Doesn't that ice cube look like a boat ^?!  It slowly sank into the steaming tea, soon to be washed away into the black abyss of my throat...

Adria made a delicious dinner.  She made a salad with toasted pita and almonds, marinated dates, couscous, and sweet potato.  I was very hungry so I also topped it with some lentils.  It had an amazing, unique taste and will be added to the weekly menu :DDDDD  
So there you go!  A day of this vegan gal's eats!  I try to eat as many fruits and vegetables as I can, and on this day I think I got about 3 servings of fruit and 8 servings of veggies.  I try to get some source of protein in every meal so I know that I'll meet my daily requirements easily (and I usually do!)
After reading this post, do you think you would be able to eat completely vegan once a week?  What looks appetizing or unappetizing?
Enjoy the rest of your week!  I'm off to go eat some vegan curry after a six mile run :)


  1. This is a day of perfect nutrition.

    Very good post.

    Keith Aurzada


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